Mysteries and fears which cannot be perceived and interpreted by any senses are human thoughts. They can change through time and are ephemeral. To become part of the society to create fake image reflects that what you think and what you express through your words and gestures are different. Untruthful words and actions may be done in exchange of a single thing called “benefit”. Everyone dedicates themselves and endures to gain what they long for. Beautiful words and Charm are spell that distract and conceal your deep thoughts and become the fast knot which is the unsolved mystery. The collection Fall-Winter 2021 “Deception” reflects that the fake exists everywhere in the world. Human mind is mysterious. You might never get an answer from it, but you should be aware and walk away as far as possible without turning back to the same point. Depart with the freedom to change the darkness in mind and move forward to the light of great hope.